Part DescriptionTypical Price:
A-Arm/Control Arm,
Upper or Lower
Air Intake Piping<3″ Diameter $1.00 Per Inch
3″+ Diameter $2.00 Per Inch
Air Cleaner Base$25.00-$35.00
Air Cleaner Lid$15.00-$20.00
Battery Box$30.00-$40.00
Battery Tray$30.00
Bolt Head
(masked threads)
$2.00 Each
BracketsSmall $10.00
Medium $15.00
Large $20.00
Brake Caliper
$30.00-$60.00 Each
Brake Caliper Bracket$15.00 Each
Brake Backing Plate$15.00-$20.00 Each
Brake Drum$30.00-$40.00 Each
Brake Rotor
(will need turning)
$50.00 Each
(large off-road bumpers are $200+)
Coil Spring$30.00 – $50.00 Each
Door Hinge$15.00 Each
Drive Shaft$2.00 Per inch
*Exhaust ManifoldPlease See High Temp Cerakote Section
Fan shroud$50.00-$60.00
Fuel Tank$100.00-$125.00
Fuel Cell$60.00-$80.00
Fuel Rail$25.00-$35.00
*HeadersPlease See High Temp Cerakote Section
Headlight Buckets$30.00 Per Pair
Headlight Ring$20.00 Per Pair
*Heat ShieldsPlease See Ceramic Coating Section
Hood Hinges$25.00-$40.00 Each
Hood Latch- Bottom$15.00-$25.00
Hood Latch- Top$15.00-$25.00
Inner Fender$75.00-125.00 Each
Intake Manifold4 – 6 – 8 Cylinder $80.00 – $150.00
(depends on size)
(depends on size)
Intercooler Piping$1.00 Per Inch
Leaf Spring$75.00-$125.00
License Plate Frame$15.00
Lug Nuts$2.00 Each
Master Cylinders (stripped)$35.00 Each
Oil pan$55.00-$75.00
PulleyUnder 4″ Diameter $20.00
Over 4″ Diameter $25.00
Radiator Support$125.00-$175.00
Radiator Hold-down $20.00-$35.00
Rear Housing$150.00-$200.00
Receiver Hitch$80.00
Skid Plate$50.00 & Up
Sway Bar$40.00-$80.00
Thermostat Housing$20.00
Third Member/Chunk/Pumpkin$80.00
Tie Rod$30.00-$45.00
Timing Cover$30.00-$40.00
Transmission Housing$125.00-$200.00
Transmission Pan$35.00-$45.00
Trim Pieces$1.00 Per Inch
Turbo Compressor Housing-Inlet$45.00
*Turbo Turbine Housing- Outlet in CeramicPlease See High Temp Cerakote Section
Valve Cover4 Cylinder $50.00 Each
Inline 6 Cylinder $60.00 Each
V-6 Cylinder $80.00 Per Pair
V-8 Cylinder $100.00 Per Pair
Washers/Nuts$1.00 Each
Water Pump (must remove bearings inside)$40.00
Wheelie Bars$80.00-$120.00
Windsheild Wiper Arms$30.00 Per Pair
Wheels (standard is 7″ wide wheel.
Add 10% for >10″ wide, per wheel)
Add a clear top coat for extra protection for $25 per wheel.
26″+ $130.00 Each
25″ $125.00 Each
24″ $120.00 Each
23″ $115.00 Each
22″ $110.00 Each
21″ $105.00 Each
20″ $100.00 Each
19″ $95.00 Each
18″ $90.00 Each
17″ $85.00 Each
16″ $80.00 Each
15″ $75.00 Each
14″ $70.00 Each
13″ $65.00 Each

All prices listed are estimates only.

Prices are subject to change upon inspection.

Prices listed are for items requiring minimal surface prep to ensure that the powder coat adheres correctly.

Minor masking, plugging, and thread protection are included in the typical pricing.

Some colors and types of finish require a 2-coat application consisting of a base coat and a top coat or clear.  Unless specifically priced differently, the second coat adds 50% to the prices listed.

We use Prismatic Powders almost exclusively. They have over 6500 colors and you can see them on their website. With that being said, pics on an website are nice, but we strongly recommend getting swatches from them prior to committing to a particular color. If we have to redo something after you have told us the color to use, we’re going to have to charge you again.

All items need to have any pieces or parts which cannot withstand temperatures up to 450* removed prior to drop-off.

Items should be stripped and cleaned prior to drop-off.

During prep, items will be “gassed out” to remove as much contaminants and gases from any porous metals.  Even so, there may occasionally be imperfections in the finish due to the nature of the metal substrate.  We will do everything we can to minimize the chances of this happening, but sometimes it will happen, no matter what.

The minimum shop charge for any job is $50.00.  The minimum charge for a color change (including clear topcoats) is $20.00.

Excessive prep (removal of old powder coating, cleaning of nasty dirty filthy greasy grimy parts), or excessive masking of areas will incur actual hourly charges of $50.00 per hour, with a 30 minute minimum.

We specialize in coatings, not disassembly and reassembly of parts. We may not have the proper tools to do such. Disassembly and reassembly are your responsibility.

We simply cannot know how everything on every vehicle goes together. When dropping off parts, please take the time to note any areas which need to be masked to prevent powder presence. Marking those areas with a Sharpie prior to drop-off is always appreciated.

There may be times where our process may void a manufacturer’s warranty. We offer no warranty on parts that we work on, other than for the coating work that we perform. We will certainly warrant that if the powder coat starts simply flaking off, we will re-do the job, as that means we did something wrong during prep. Parts or items which no longer work after coating are not our responsibility (for example, we coat a set of shocks and after being cooked at 400*, they no longer have good seals).

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