Cerakote Services

Cerakote is an applied finish with exceptional resistance to water, salt, oils, and other nasty things which cause metal to oxide (fancy word for rust).  Cerakote comes in several varieties, with two primary industries in mind (firearms and high heat applications).  Cerakote, however, is well suited to a wide range of uses and can be found on everything from firearms to sunglasses to watches to automotive headers to stainless tumblers.  The possibilities are almost endless.  Call us, and let Mobile’s most trusted and experienced Cerakote Certified Applicators come up with something just for you.

Firearm Cerakote Pricing
Single Color
Handgun, Complete $175
Handgun, Frame Only $75
Hadgun, Slide Only $75
Long Gun, Complete $250
Long Gun, No Stock/Forend $175
Standard Bi-Tone Add  $20
Add Clear Coat Add  50%
Distressed / Dirty Schemes Add 50%
Softline Patterns (no Stencils) +  $50/color
Stenciled Patterns P.O.R.
Schemes P.O.R.
Disassembly / Reassembly $50 / Hour
High Temp Cerakote Pricing
Brake Drum, each $55
Brake Disc Caliper, each $55
Headers, Inline 6, each $175 – $250
Headers, V8/V6/4 cyl, each $125 – $175
Manifold, Inline 6, each $150
Manifold, V8/V6/4cyl, each $100
Muffler, Each $50 – $75
Tubing, <3″ Diameter $1 per inch
Tubing, 3″+ Diameter $2 per inch
Parts need to be brought in, stripped and cleaned (ready for light prep blast).  Removal of old finishes and oil, grease, and other funk will be charged an excessive prep fee of $50 per hour.
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