FFL & SOT Serives

Heard of Gulf Coast Shooting?  Had transfers or Cerakote work done by them?  Well, that’s us.  We’ve broadened our service lines to include customization for lots of things besides firearms, so we decided to update how we’re marketing ourselves.  But, we’re the same people that have been serving you since 2006.  We’re still in the same private shop near the west end of Cottage Hill Road in Mobile, AL.


Receiving a firearm for you is simple.  Just tell us where the seller wants us to send a copy of our license, your name, and an order number, and we’ll handle the rest.  Once it comes in, we’ll set up a time for you to come fill out the paperwork and get you on your way.  We charge $25 (per serialized item) for handguns, long guns, and receivers.  We will accept shipments from non-FFLs.  Some places like Bud’s and PSA already have us on file, so just choose us at checkout.


We hold a Class 3 SOT, so we can sell and transfer silencers, short-barreled rifles or shotguns, and fully automatic firearms.  We carry a small selection of silencers, but can get you what you want.  If you buy from us, there’s no transfer fee.  If you purchase elsewhere and transfer through us, we charge $75.  If you are looking to SBR/SBS your current firearm, we can help with the Form 1 ($50) as well as perform the necessary engraving(s) to ATF legal requirements.


  1. Yes, they are legal in AL and all the surrounding states;
  2. They don’t make your gun silent (no matter what Hollywood may show);
  3. Yes, you can hunt with them in AL;
  4. Your barrel has to have threads on it to accept a silencer.  If yours doesn’t, one MAY be available.  They are made for many of the most popular guns.  Ask!


Silencers, Short-barreled Rifles, Short-barreled Shotguns, and Machine Guns are all required be listed in the National Firearm Act (1934) Registry.  That’s why these are called “NFA” items.  To own one, you have to fill out a Form 4, provide fingerprints, and provide a couple of passport photos to the Government.  There is also a 1-time $200 transfer tax that must be paid.  There is no ongoing licensing or annual fee, and the ATF is not allowed to come visit you just because you own an NFA item, no matter what you heard on the Internet.  Unfortunately, every time you buy an NFA item, the entire process has to be done again.  There’s no shortcut just because you already own one.  We can help with your forms and also clear up any questions or misconceptions you may have about the process.  

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