GCS Customs has a 30W Fiber laser for deep engraving and marking of metals, polymers, leatherettes, and several other materials.  One of the most common uses is on firearms, for decorative, functional, and informational purposes.  We also can engrave personal items, from jewelry to metal whiskey stones, from keychains to bottle openers, from knives to tumblers.

Polymer Frame Stippling & Patterns

Available in a variety of designs and with the ability to create personalized ones individually for each customer, we can provide a quality lasered stippling pattern that’s not only decorative, but functional as well.  Several examples are shown.

Some frames are more easily done than others (Glocks, for example).  Some will require Cerakote afterwards due to the nature of the polymer.  And there are several which will not result in acceptable results in our opinion (Polymer 80, for example).  General pricing is as follows:

Basic job (grip and frame side):
Sub-Compact $120
Compact $130
Full Size $140
Additional options:
Logo inset inside a stippling pattern: $25 / side.
Frosting behind logo: $15 / side
Finger groove removal and lasering : $45
Trigger undercut / polish: $15
Trigger Guard Lasering: $20 (front or under)
Memory Cut / polish: $20
Cerakote frame, one color : $75 (with lasering)

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