Powder coating is a factory finish for items in all sorts of industries.  The durability of the finish makes it ideal for automotive and motorcycle industries, as well as everything from appliances to metal furniture.  The variety of finish options means that there’s likely a perfect color and sheen combination to achieve the exact look you want.  We use powders from Prismatic Powders almost exclusively.  There are over 6500 different available from them, ranging from standard solid tones to wild combinations of colors and top coats for dazzling products.

What Can Be Powder Coated?

  • Metal Items (has to be negatively charged)
  • Items that can withstand 400* temps
  • Items that will only occasionally exceed 250*

What types of finishes are there?

  • Solid Tones, ranging from matte to glossy
  • Metallic Tones, ranging from matte to glossy
  • Transparent Coats that allow what’s under to show
  • Candy and Illusion colors
  • Textured Powders, ranging from mild to mildly aggressive
  • Wild sparkling clear coats
  • and more!
Is Powder Coat UV Stable?
  • It depends on the type of powder
  • If UV stability is necessary we can typically
    find a color that works
  • If necessary, we can topcoat with clear
    to improve UV resistance.
How Large an Item can GCS coat?
  • Our oven is 6′ tall and 4′ wide/deep
  • We can do most typical bumpers
  • We can do motorcycle and bicycle frames
  • We can do nerf bars / sliders / etc, depending on size

What goes on before you coat my items?

  • Prep, prep, prep.  Proper preparation before powder is applied is the most important step in a quality job.
  • We will be heating your items to over 400*.  If something in the part can’t handle it, it needs to be removed (think rubber seals, plastic bushings, greased bearings, polymer parts, etc., etc., etc.)
  • While we will do everything we can to provide a perfect finish, some porous metals will gas out causing little imperfections.  We “gas out” any porous materials prior to final prep, and we remove oils and greases, but sometimes it still happens. 
  • We will perform a light garnet blast to prep the surface for proper adhesion of the powder.  Powder should be applied to the base metal, not previous coatings, including paint or powder coatings.
  • If GCS Customs is responsible for the removal of existing coatings such as powder coatings, this will result in additional charges as it is labor intensive.

Can I just drop off my car so you can do some parts?

  • You need to disassemble your parts.  We’re coating specialists and may not have the proper tools or knowledge to disassemble and reassemble your parts correctly. 

How much does it cost?

  • On the pricing pages linked below, the charges are based on GCS performing the following:  gassing out, basic surface prep, application of a single coat of powder, and curing.
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